The (missing) tropical hot spot

The (missing) tropical hot spot is one of the long-standing controversies in climate science. Climate models show amplified warming high in the tropical troposphere due to greenhouse forcing. However data from satellites and weather balloons don’t show much amplification. What to make of this? Have the models been ‘falsified’ as critics say or are the [...]

Are regional models ready for prime time?

The third Climate Dialogue is about the value of models on the regional scale. Do model simulations at this level have skill? Can regional models add value to the global models?

We have three excellent participants joining this discussion: Bart van den Hurk of KNMI in The Netherlands who is actively involved in the KNMI [...]

Long-term persistence and trend significance

In this second Climate Dialogue we focus on long-term persistence (LTP) and the consequences it has for trend significance.

We slightly changed the procedure compared to the first Climate Dialogue (which was about Arctic sea ice). This time we asked the invited experts to write a first reaction on the guest blogs of the others, [...]

Melting of the Arctic sea ice

Update 25 February 2013: Climate Dialogue summary now online The summary of the first Climate Dialogue discussion on the melting of the Arctic sea ice is now online (see below). We have made two versions: a short and an extended version. The discussion between the experts is now officially closed. The public comments remain open. [...]