Final evaluation report of climate dialogue

The Climate Dialogue weblog was a climate change communication project, following a request by Dutch Parliament to involve sceptics more in the climate debate. It was commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Climate Dialogue was set up by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, and Dutch science [...]

First evaluation of Climate Dialogue

Given the recent record low in Arctic sea ice, the melting of the Arctic was the logical choice as the first topic on the new Climate Dialogue platform. We approached around ten climate scientists to participate in the discussion. Some of them declined the invitation, mostly due to time restrictions. We were very glad that [...]

Climate Dialogue in Science Magazine

Science Magazine paid attention to the launch of

A Place for All at The Climate Science Table

The Dutch government has created an online forum where “climate experts representing the full range of views” can discuss the hottest topics in climate change. The public can provide running commentary.

The site, launched this week at [...]

Climate Dialogue guest blog

Launch of Exploring different views on climate change

Goal of offers a platform for discussions between invited climate scientists on important climate topics that have been subject to quite intense scientific and public debate. The goal of the platform is to explore the full range of views currently held by scientists by [...]

Climate dialogue news release

Climate Discussion platform launched

The Dutch Royal Meteorological Institute (KNMI), the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) and science journalist Marcel Crok launched their joint website – an international blog where invited scientists discuss controversial topics in climate science. There are several blogs that facilitate discussions between climate experts but since the climate debate [...]